Petra Vlasman (Netherlands, 1970), Master of Fine Arts (photography, drawing and painting) is active in the artworld in different ways.

As an artist, she participates in exhibitions since 1995. She is a painter, photographer and makes collages. She investigates the similarities and differences between reality and representations & interpretacions of reality. Many of her works consist of layers of materials and meanings that create an optical illusion that causes us to look beyond the surface.

As a guide, she works for the Gala-Dalí Theatre-Museum in Figueres, the House-Museum in Púbol and House-Museum in Port Lligat.
Inspired by Salvador Dali and the Surrealists, she guides groups of all ages in a Socratic way, investigating the various ways of perceiving, interpreting and creating images within the group. Her main goal is to experience reality in a different way and break with all conventional ideas.

As a teacher, she guides children, youngsters and adults in making photographs, videos and in appreciating art.
Convinced that education is not a preparation for life but life itself, she tries to fulfill goals like ‘learning to look critically’, 'expressing yourself' and 'encouraging creativity’ in a playful way.

In collaboration with various institutions: schools, museums, city councils, associations, arts festivals and companies, Petra organizes projects and workshops directly related to her approach to art: art gives us questions and answers, it gives us the opportunity to meet and lose ourselves at the same time, to make dreams come true.

Often there are no clearly defined boundaries between the artwork of Petra and the work that is created during her projects and workshops. Workshops become artistic projects and the results of these appear in exhibitions and publications.

All her work is based on collaborations with other people and on interior or exterior transformations.

Petra: "Experiencing art and making art should play an important role in every form of education!"
"I consider education to be any situation in which people are prepared to learn something. Basically education is life itself, in which we can create environments or situations in which we want to be learning something.
I consider art to be a personal expression of a content, in which skill and imagination are used, and that has a form that can be experienced by others. Art is a way to create unity and give meaning to the multitude of impressions and expressions we experience."


Petra Vlasman (The Netherlands, 1970) lives in Sant Climent Sescebes, Catalonia, Spain.


2014 Training 'gamification, storytelling and narrative transmedia in Museums', Fundació d’Estudis Superiors d’Olot
2013 Training 'learning with mobiles and tablets', Espiral
2011 Training Moderator Socratic Dialogue, Figueres (Humberto Schwab)
2005-2008 Filosofy Study (LOI)
2006 Training to design and direct educational projects, El Teler, Girona
1999-2000 Teaching-training for artists, D.B.B., The Netherlands
1998 RMIT University, Master in research, Melbourne, Austràlia
1995-1997 Art Postacademy (Master of Fine Arts), S.I., The Netherlands
1990-1995 Art Academy AKI (photography, painting and drawing), The Netherlands


2014/2015 MANIFESTA'T!
Created and shown in Catalonia (Figueres: Galeria Lola Ventós).

Created and shown in Catalonia (Figueres: Plaça de la Palmera).

Created and shown in Catalonia (Figueres: Empordoneses 2012).

Created and shown in Catalonia (Castelló d’Empúries Parc Aiguamolls, Barcelona Parc Collserola).

Installation in Catalonia (Parc Bosc de Figueres).

Created and shown in Catalonia (Figueres: Ajuntament, Consell Comarcal, Empordoneses 2011. Toroella de Montgrí: Claustre de l’Hospital, La Jonquera: botiga del poble, França Perthus: Le Fort de Bellegarde).

Created and shown in The Netherlands (Amsterdam, Arti i Amititiae).

1999-2005 STEK (SPROUT)
Created and shown in The Netherlands (Amsterdam: Kunstvlaai, Fons Welters, Leeuwarden: Fries Museum, Den Bosch: Brabants Museum).

1995-2001 ARBRES (TREES)
Created and shown in The Netherlands (Amsterdam: Kunstvlaai, Arti i Amititiae, Siegerpark) i en Australia (Melbourne: Gertrude Street).


1999-2015 Art Teacher (photography, video, collage, drawing, painting i appreciation of art)

2007-2015 Teaching at schools outside schoolhours (J. Pallach de Figueres, M. Àngels Anglada de Figueres, Vilajuïga, Peralada, Sant Climent Sescebes, Capmany, Espolla, Cabanes, Garriguella, Darnius, Lladó, Vilabertran, El Far d'Emporda, La Jonquera i Vilamalla)

2015: First price for the best educational project for the Museum of Art in Girona, with Marta Aumatell.

2011: Conference at the University of Girona, Master of Arts and Education: A constructionist approach.

2011: Workshops at schools and with companies as a part of a socratic training, with the philosopher Humberto Schwab.

2010: Photography classes for women and youngsters in the neighborhood Marca de l’Ham at Figueres.

2010: Photography workshop for the grant ‘Els amics de la fotografia’ at Toroella de Montgrí

2009: Teaching teachers of the Mare de Deu-school, Vilafant.

1999-2004: Workshops with children of first and Classes with children of primary and secondary schools, at leisure spaces in the Netherlands.

2008-2015 Guide at the Theatre-Museu Dalí (Castle Gala-Dalí Pubol and the House Museum Salvador Dalí)
Educational tours with children, younsters and adults, for Educ'art and for the Foundation Gala-Salvador Dalí.

2007-2008 Direction of summerschool at Lladó and at Sant Climent Sescebes.

1999-2004 Guide at the museum for photography FOAM, Contemporary Art Centre De Appel, Montevideo (Dutch Institute for Media-art), World Press Photo Oude Kerk, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Educational tours with children, younsters and adults, for KUNSTWEB.

Member of the admissions committee and assistant to the organization of Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam, Països Baixos (Postacadèmia d’art)

Guest lecturer, Rietveld Art Academy, Amsterdam. Netherlands.
Guiding students of 1st and 2nd year of assessment work on their studies.

Professor of painting at the Academy of Art, Melbourne, Australia
Guiding students of 1st and 2nd year of assessment work on their studies.